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For well over 45 years we participated in numerous art and craft festival, selling our Chule blankets directly to folks like yourself. Over and over we hear similar stories about our blankets: "They are loved beyond belief, they have lasted beautifully over the decades, the kids could not part from them, it's the best gift they have received, they are used all the time, they are so soft and warm, it was their favorite wedding gift, ... ". We heard some heartwarming stories that has made all of our hard work worth while--thank you all for sharing and may you enjoy them in good health for many, many years! You can find more details with pictures about the Chule family in the History page.

Our Weaving Philosophy

The main objective of our craft for generations has been to provide the highest quality yet affordable handwoven wool blankets. We weave our blankets primarily with merino lambs' wool--one of the highest grade of natural wool fibers. The pricing of the blankets does not include our time--our work is truly a labor of love.

Our Weavings

We weave exclusively high quality wool blankets (although we wove some incredible flokatis and chenille blankets as well) in three sizes with the following approximate sizes: single (50"x76"), double (68"x86") and king (100"x 104"). All blankets have been pre-shrunk in order to make them machine washable (cold and gentle, very short cycle and dry on line); however care must be exercised in the washing as they can shrink more. If in doubt, hand wash or dry clean.


We have exhibited at many prestigious art and craft festivals throughout the USA for well over 45 years now. Over and over again at these and many other shows we hear gratitude and love for our blankets. Comments such as these from happy Chule blankets owners are very common (these are direct quotes):

1. We purchased several of your blankets for well over dozen of years and we love them--they are as new and we fight over them. Must get several more!

2. We gave your blanket as a wedding gift--it was the best gift the newlyweds said they received.

3. My daughter left the house for college. She would not part from her Chule blanket that she grew up with.

4. We purchased so many of your blankets the entire house is covered with them. There is only one problem with them: they last for ever and keep their shape!

5. My grandfather used and loved his Chule blankets non-stop to his last day. It was the best gift I ever gave him. Thank you.
6. I was given one of your blankets as a gift and I just love it! It smells so good and it is so warm I don't use the heater in the house any more!

7. I ordered a blanket in custom colors and could not believe how quickly you made it. It matches perfectly my living room colors. I use it as a throw to watch TV.

8. Our appreciation goes way back. My brother, parents and I first met Chule in the 1980s, when he had his small shop on Gaffey Street in San Pedro; we started to collect the blankets then and routinely gave them as wedding gifts to friends and family around the country. Each time we gave one, the receipients were both touched and delighted. The flokati keeps us warm underfoot and the blankets keep us warm at night. We appreciate their craftsmanship, their aesthetics and the love Chule put into each. Please thank him again for us. And we look forward to giving another Chule blanket to a lucky newly married couple.

9. Thank you so much for the beautiful blankets. I gave them to my parents and they loved them. I actually gave them a bit early (10 days before Christmas) because I wanted to wrap myself up in them while I was visiting! They live on the east side of the Sierras, and mornings dawned at about 8 degrees. There is NOTHING like a Chule blanket to take the chill off!

Our Weaving Studio

All the weaving is done by Chule (a fifth generation weaver from Macedonia), Vera (Chule's wife for over 60 years), and their son Niko. The original Chule "shop" in the states was a garage--Chule built a loom and a warper, and squizzed them with all the yarn in a single-car garage in San Pedro, CA. That was in 1974, the begining of Chule Blankets in the new world. Chule moved three more times to more spacious shops until he found a warehouse in Torrance, CA, our current location. He converted the warehouse into a weaving studio and now it houses six looms with various weaving equipment (warper, bobbin winders, etc.) and myriad of wool yarns. We are not at the shop every day, so call us and make an appointment to see us there if you wish.

Niko and Chule Weaving a Flokati

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